Wednesday, September 7, 2011

First Post, Second Blog

Hey everyone! Thanks for reading my new blog. I plan (hopefully) to update this one regularly! Stay tuned for fun crafts, recipes, photos, and anything else I can think of. What would you like to see on this blog? I'm thinking of doing a "Preschoolers Say The Darndest Things Fridays." I feel like I will have a few cute ones every week seeing as I'm a preschool teacher! Tomorrow I'm baking a doggie birthday cake, so that will be my next post!

For now, a little about me. My name is Lisa and I will be 25 on Oct 27th (send gifts!). I'm a preschool teacher, photographer, aunt, girlfriend, sister, baker, cook, inventor, blogger (eek!), and facebook addict, among many other things.

I had gastric bypass surgery on August 1st 2011. I also (contrary to gossipers belief) had my gallbladder removed on August 1 2011. I know what you're thinking. "Gastric bypass is the easy way out." Well... if it's so easy, I would like you to try being on "the diet" (if you even know what it is- do a little research and you will find out it's not a diet, it's a lifestyle change). I'm not complaining or ranting, I'm just saying that if you haven't had the procedure, you have NO IDEA what it's like, even if you "know someone who has gone through it." If you want to talk to me about it, or think you want to do it, I am always up for discussion. It was the best (and most drastic) decision I have ever made for MYSELF, ever. One of the major deciding factors was my PCOS.

I love shopping and probably do it a little too much. I am obsessed with my hair. My favorite color is pink, and I hate writing an "about me", so I'm done now.

Talk to ya later!

Miss Pink


  1. Gastric by pass, in my opinion, is one of the hardest things one can choose to do for themself and by no means is it the easy way out. The lifestyle changes and mind set are hard in the beginning but in time it becomes habit. I hope you're healing quickly, Lisa, in mind and body.


  2. Hi Lisa. My name is Kathleen or Bariatric Girl/Finding me. That's the name of my blog I just started last night. You would also know me as GastricTweetr from twitter. I'm super excited to follow you on your journey. I'm still waiting for my surgery date. Ugggg....don't those surgeons know it's time to get this ball rolling? hehe Here is my blog URL. I'd love for you to join me there. I don't really know what I'm doing yet. Not really sure how to put myself as a follower from my blog like eggface did on mine so figured I'd give you the link here if you wanted to join me. I wish you all the best and look forward to following you in your journey and joining in your successes!! :)

  3. Hi Lisa. Saw your Tweet on weightlosssurgery Twibe. Welcome to blogging. I've added you to my bookmarks of WLS blogs. Good luck to you! I had lapband 2 years ago and I'm a work in progress.