Friday, November 4, 2011

I've Gone Missing!

Life has been crazy busy! Therefore, I haven't been faithfully blogging for the past few weeks. What's been going on you ask? Well...

- I celebrated my 25th birthday on October 27th.
- I was supposed to go out for my 25th birthday on the 29th, but celebrated instead with an October Nor'easter.
- I was without power from Saturday night til Thursday night... fun times! Luckily we have a generator, but it's not the same!

On Sunday night, my sister, her wife, and their dog spent the night in our livingroom since they didn't have power either. So, 7 adults and 2 dogs (that rarely get along) all in a 3 bedroom ranch. It was cozy :)

That pretty much sums up my last few weeks. I also did some baking during the outage, but didn't have the common sense to take pictures. I made a "Almost No Sugar Added Apple Crisp", which is sooo delicious that I will have to post the recipe. I also made Protein Pumpkin Bars, which I will be making again. I will post that one with pics and the recipe as well!


In other news, my favorite blogger, Eggface, is hosting an amazing giveaway! You should check it out! It includes some yummy Celebrate Vitamins protein powder, a shaker bottle, and SF pumpkin pie torani! I am crossing my fingers for this one!

Have a great Friday everyone! This weekend I am hoping to go to a Christmas Expo in Boston!

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